Symptom Journal for Cancer Patients

An easy symptom recording tool to help you communicate with your oncologist

Why Track Symptoms?

Improves Communication

Sympto can provide you with a health summary to share with your care team. This helps them understand your experiences in between visits.

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Clinical Benefits

Research has shown that tracking and sharing symptoms with your care team improves health outcomes and experiences.

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Improved Care

Sharing symptomatic data with your care team allows for a more personalized and proactive treatment plan.

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Self Record Symptoms

Symptoms are common among cancer patients, yet go undetected nearly half of the time. Patients can help combat this using Sympto as a symptom journal.

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Answer Personalized Surveys

Personalize your Sympto experience by selecting your cancer type and receiving weekly surveys tailored to you. Each survey is clinically validated and can be completed in minutes.

Share History with Care Teams

Share your timeline with your care team or simply use the application to look back at your history.

Questions and answer

Why should I use this?

Every patient is unique and should be assessed as such. Sympto provides a web and mobile tool to help share your own personal story and experiences with your doctor and care team. They can use this information to better personalize your treatment, care, and proactively address relevant issues.

Is this safe?

The health data stored in this application is always safe and secure with our HIPAA compliant systems. We will never share data with anyone without your consent. Our application is fully compliant with the U.S. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA).

What are Patient Reported Outcomes (PROs)?

Patient Reported Outcomes (PROs) are any measures self reported by patients that capture their own perspective. From pharmaceutical drug development to clinical research, PROs offer an insight into the experience of a patient and have grown to be a significant aspect of cancer care.

Why are people interested in PROs?

There is increasing medical recognition of the value of PROs. In ASCO 2017, Basch et al. demonstrated that active symptom reporting during cancer treatment led to an improvement in survival by 5 months, from a baseline of 12 months (a 41% increase in survival time), and longer time spent on chemotherapy.

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